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Waiting in queues, walking through airports, shopping for groceries or even strolling through the park — these activities are not always easy, even for a fairly mobile person – but they can be with the help of SmartScoot™.

SmartScoot™ is a lightweight, foldable mobility scooter. It is easy to use, easy to fold, and most importantly easy to transport and store. Weighing only 40 pounds when fully assembled, SmartScoot™ can break down into smaller and lighter parts and will comfortably fit into almost any vehicle, allowing you to take it anywhere.

With up to 12 miles worth of battery power in a single charge, SmartScoot™ will never leave you stranded.


SmartScoot™ incorporates comfort into it’s design with an adjustable comfortable seat and steering column that can accommodate almost any body style.

Adjustable rear wheels also add an extra touch of stability to your ride.

SmartScoot™ folds into smaller and lighter parts and fits comfortably into almost any vehicle allowing you to take it anywhere.

Comfort and safety

Lightweight Scooters

When searching for a lightweight mobility scooter, some of the important features to notice are its versatility, adjustable mobility scooter parts and the ability to provide safety and comfort to the user

Smartscoot compact foldable mobility scooter


The SmartScoot™ lightweight mobility scooter has two folding options and three speeds, rear wheel settings and lighter mobility scooter pieces than other brands. You can remove the seat and the battery or just the seat.

The SmartScoot™ lightweight mobility scooter weighs slightly less than 40 pounds when fully assembled. Its heaviest piece is 27 pounds. So it’s up to you how far you want to fold it.

Smartscoot compact foldable mobility scooter


The third wheel allows for more stability and the front wheel motor doesn’t have any belts or exposed parts, which improves steering. In addition, front disk brakes ensure strong stopping ability on wet surfaces and slopes. The SmartScoot™ lightweight mobility scooter comes with safety instructions included

Smartscoot compact foldable mobility scooter


You are sure to have a comfortable ride on your lightweight mobility scooter resting your feet on padded footrests and sitting on a padded seat with a mesh backing that can be adjusted to provide proper support. Not to mention the steering column, which can be lengthened and shortened to fit your height. Customisable mobility scooter parts are a key to comfort and value in a lightweight mobility scooter. Sometimes a little help can go a long way.

Once you are using the SmartScoot™ mobility scooter, tasks that were once a struggle can now become a stress-free part of everyday life.

Smartscoot compact foldable mobility scooter

Reasons to choose SmartScoot™

Innovative technology

The scooter’s trademark Fold n’ Lock technology makes it easy to collapse into two positions — no tools required. The same technology allows you to release and remove the seat. The SmartScoot™ will fit into the boot of most vehicles.

Multiple settings

SmartScoot™ offers two folding positions and three speeds, rear wheels settings and lighter pieces. You can either transport the mobility scooter in one piece or remove its seat. Three speeds allow drivers to choose a pace that’s comfortable with a battery indicator and forward and reverse functions at your fingertips.


Adjustable features include rear wheels, seat and steering column. The seat has a mesh backing that shifts to provide the proper support. The stainless steel steering column can be adjusted vertically to fit a user’s height.


This mobility scooter weighs about 40 pounds when fully assembled, but it breaks into three parts with the biggest piece being 27 pounds. Its stainless steel frame offers increased strength and durability, while being lightweight and rustproof.

Removable parts

The seat and battery can be removed. And the device comes with a collapsible and removable front basket that fits on the handlebars and a removable luggage bar.

Battery life

The removable 36-volt lithium-ion battery can take you 12 miles on a single charge. It only takes 5 hours to initially charge and about an hour each time thereafter. You don’t even have to remove it to do so.

Cruising with SmartScoot™

We consulted three popular Cruise Lines to see how well they can accommodate a traveller with a SmartScoot™ foldable scooter. What we found was that you can fit your fully assembled SmartScoot™ through most cabin doorways that are at least 22” wide.

On most cruises, mobility scooters have to be stored and recharged in the stateroom and kept out of corridors. It may not be possible to take your mobility scooter on excursions unless it is a foldable travel scooter since crew members are not allowed to lift assistive devices.





  • £1,995 + Vat
    (VAT Exemption may apply)


  • Payment by PayPal, BACS, Cheque, or Credit Card

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More information

The SmartScoot is the lightest and smartest of all foldable mobility scooters. Contact us if you have any queries or require additional information.

Scooter Size Setup: 38″ L x 22″ W x 39″ H
Scooter Size Folded with Seat: 38″ L x 22″ W x 30.5″ H
Scooter Size Folded without Seat: 38″ L x 22″ W x 17″ H
Scooter weight complete: 39.5 lb, /27 lb Heaviest Part
Seat Weight: 8.5 lb
Battery weight 4 lb
Maximum load weight: 300 lb loaded or 136.08 kg
Scooter Speeds (3): 3, 5 and 7 mph
Ground clearance: 9″ front – 3″ rear
Battery: 36V, 8 amp hr 288 watt Li-Ion Rechargeable
Battery Charger: Input Voltage : AC100V-240V
Battery charging time: 5 hours
Frame Materials: Stainless Steel
Brakes:Front: Disc Brake
Drive: Front Wheel Drive
Shipping Dimensions: 38″ L x 23″ W x 18″ H
Shipping Weight: 57 lb

Limited Warranty

Innovative Mobility Products SmartScoot™ (IMP) warrants your SmartScoot™ against defects in materials and workmanship from the date of the original retail purchase as follows:

2 Year Limited Warranty:  Structural Frame under normal use conditions.

1 Year Limited Warranty:  All components, including motor, brakes, electrical, and axles under normal use conditions.

1 Year Limited Warranty: Battery under normal use conditions.
This limited warranty extends only to the original owner and is not transferable to anyone else.

If a defect exists, IMP will, at its option and to the extent permitted by law either (1) provide components to repair the SmartScoot™ using new or refurbished parts at no charge to you; (2) exchange the SmartScoot™ with a functionally equivalent product that is new or refurbished; or (3) refund the original purchase price.  After repair or replacement, the SmartScootTM/functionally equivalent product will be covered by this limited warranty for the longer of the remainder of the original limited warranty period, or 90 days after IMP ships the SmartScootTM/functionally equivalent product to you.  IMP’s responsibility to repair or replace the SmartScootTM, or to refund the purchase price, is your exclusive remedy.  This warranty excludes damage caused by abuse, misuse, accidents, unauthorised repairs, alterations, modifications, failure to follow instructions in the User’s Instruction Manual and battery Operating Instruction, or other causes that are not defects in materials and workmanship for which IMP is responsible. This Limited Warranty does not cover parts which may, under normal wear and tear, require replacement including, without limitation, tires, upholstery, fuses, etc.

Can I return the SmartScoot if I am not satisfied with it?

  • Returns must be made within 14 days of delivery in “as new” condition.
  • A Return Authorisation must be made by written request to
  • The scooter must be returned in its original box in “as new” condition accompanied by the original receipt.
  • The customer is responsible for all shipping costs including incidental shipping damage caused by improper packing.
  • All returns are subject a 10% restocking fee.  Read more here.

Please see (Limited Warranty, Return Policy and Waiver) for full details.

If a fault should occur please contact TravelMobility in the first instance