The Ergocane is a perfect fit for those cane users looking for comfort, stability, & the best walking experience possible.


Special features

  • Created by an Orthopedic Surgeon with the end-user’s best interests in mind.
  • Adjusts to the user’s hand at the push of a button.
  • Soft shock absorbing anatomical ergonomic grip that adjusts perfectly to the user’s hand, reducing callus formation or carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Equipped with Ergocap Ultralite extra balance cane tips.
  • Anatomical grip that allows for a perfect handle of the cane, preventing slipping.
  • Both a telescopic & retractable cane with safety strap
  • Make your Ergocane self-standing when you purchase our Ergocap High Performance tips.
  • Note: This is an elegant, fully ergonomic adjustable aluminum cane. Available in Glossy Black, Brown Wood and Carbon color choices.




  • £39.50 +VAT  (+ delivery)
    (VAT exemption may apply)


  • Payment by PayPal, BACS, Cheque, or Credit Card

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