Atto compact foldable mobility scooter
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Compact, foldable mobility scooters and wheelchairs, perfect for travel

We specialise in foldable travel mobility scooters from Moving Life, AirScoot, Snap n Go and Drive de Vilbiss and wheelchairs from AirWheel, Wheelchair 88 and Sunrise Medical. We only offer products of the highest quality.

Our company began trading in 1992 and celebrates 25 successful years in business in January 2017.  Originally supplying office business machines, the company subsequently entered the disability market place and although we supply a full range of products for the disabled, we specialise in foldable travel mobility scooters, wheelchairs, and walking aids.

If you are able to walk short distances and enjoy holidays, day trips and visiting cafes and shops then the standard mobility scooter is probably not for you as it doesn’t have the versatility of the foldable travel scooter.

Our scooters are easy to load into a regular vehicle or taxi, on a train, fit in to a narrow lift and are able to be carried up a few steps. All of our scooters can fly on a plane and one can even be stored in the overhead compartment in the cabin.


Atto compact foldable mobility scooter


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